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The March of Evono! ACKS! —

Nigra Arbo is the starting village for, what I am hoping, will be an ongoing (0r series of ongoing) Adventurer Conqueror King Campagnes.

Nigrarbo is set in the March of Evono, a small cluster of boarder counties set between the Indego Pashaluk, and the Reĝlando of Sibilo. The Reĝlando of Sibilo is already dealing with conflicts to the north and east, and as such keeps an inadequate garrison on the lightly populated marches, whats more the Pashaluk to the west has all but fallen, with the former Pasha having gone mad and being sequestered in one of the families disused palaces, and the current pasha in the south trying to keep his ailing cousin in power, the Pashaluk has become a breeding ground for the savage beast-men mercenaries they used to conquer the land in the first place.

Some things I’ll be making use of

  • Theorums and Thoumaturgy – the Mage will use the specialized spell lists from this book, the Elven casters might make use of the Fae spell list, and the gnomes will probably use the illusionist spell list.
  • Axioms 1 – I’ll be using the Wizard as the sort of generalized magic user interested in magic for magics sake, their connection for the arcane is why they, and not the specialist mages, are affected by the moral character of a spell.
  • Classes – All but Anti-Paladin, Mystic, Nobrian Wonderworker, Thrassian Gladiator, and Zaharan Ruinguard.

Some things I’ll be fleshing out in the weeks to come

  • Races: Testudo (Turtle Folk) using the beastmen rules from Axioms 2
  • Classes: Hounds-Gnome A gnomish specialist in domesticated animals, Testudo Keeper an warrior, Testudo Padre a warrior specializing in the path of the Shaman.
  • Religion: Most characters will follow a unitarian monotheistic faith I haven’t fleshed out yet, basically I have to work out a theology that isn’t a rip off of game of thrones, since the last one I worked up looked a lot like the Seven. Testudo follow the same faith, but in converting them the missionaries reworked the theology enough that its pretty different. Dwarves worship the planets and sun as feminine divine forces, and the stars as masculine. Most divine casters not affiliated with the church worship the “Elder Gods” which are really the Mystara style immortals that were worshipped before the church took hold.
  • Cultures: Elves are alien things descended from a race of star hopping sorcerous shape shifters known as the Fae, how all the Fae races got stuck in their forms and deprived of their highest magics is a mystery, Mountain dwarves are less human like with less sexual dimorphism whereas hill dwarves have human blood and fulfill their norms.

To keep it easy I’m only going to map out a few hexs to start with and work up from there. I’ll post again when I have more of it worked out.

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