Kocktails and Kobolds

Sometimes even the Beholder needs a 12 step program.

Games I’m up to Play.

I have Played/Ran

Swords & Wizardry, Adventurer Conqueror King, Labyrinth Lord, Advanced Edition Companion, Metamorphosis Alpha 1st ed, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun 1st ed, Star Wars D6, Fudge, Fate Accelerated Edition

I am thinking of Running

Hit me up if these interest you, either if you live in/near Bakersfield Ca, or if your up for a little Roll20 action.

Sand – An OSR homage to Dark Sun, based on the premise that Magic results in a sort of living detritus that is intelligent in an alien cosmic-horror way. The Sand has rotated the planet such that the north pole points at the sun. Day is constant in the habitable section, the world has a middle east/southwestern US/Southwestern Asian aesthetic with sand mutated abominations, patches of evil sand, necropolises with sun bleached undead, and frozen galactic horrors from the southern continent.

Savage Coast – The D&D setting run with some flavor of Fate. I always felt one of classic D&Ds shortcomings was Swashbuckling, something Fate does really well. Most of the backstory would be changed since I don’t have to accommodate the history of Mystara for this one. The Red Curse is going to be the product of a strange arcane variety of agave, which is such an essential product in the old world that the colonists are willing to tolerate an ever worsening curse to make a buck.

Hoggsarse – An old-school fantasy setting set in a fictionalized version of Brittany. Lots of French and old english influence, and lots of mystic islands to the east, also a floating continent. Also California is a mythical island ruled by Queen Califa and her black griffon riding amazon warriors. Delving Deeper Rules.

Doctor WTF! – Time traveling mashup using the Pacesetter rules. Time master with a Tardis, bits of bill and ted, and Back to the future.

Ghostbusters – OpenD6 + Ghostbusters Resurrection. Maybe set in a non-US city to draw from that countries folklore.

Forgettable – Black Ops in the Mindjammer universe, transhuman cyberpunk. Everybody wants to eat the Commonality sausage, but nobody wants to see it made.

I am interested Playing/Running

Fate Core, Dresden Files, BulldogsStarblazer Adventures, Legends of Anglerre, Freeport, Eclipse Phase, OpenD6, Shadowrun 5th ed., Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea, Pars Fortuna, Crypts & ThingsDelving Deeper, Blood & Treasure, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Machinations of the Space Princess, Dungeon Crawl Classics, XCrawlTunnels and Trolls, Munchkin, Catan, Barebones Fantasy, Covert OpsCryptworldRotworld, MajusTimemaster, Star Ace, Myriad SongDungeon World, Starships and Spacemen 2nd ed., X-Plorers, Call of Cthulhu, Strands of Fate, Hackmaster Basic