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LL New Races in Space —

A few new races to fit a game of Labyrinth Lord set in space. The Ponguila are my take on the Monkey Birds from Pirates of Dark Water, the Andrulate are a take on the various herbivore legged people from mythology, and the Koth are just neat…

Ponguila (Ape-Eagles)

  • Requirements: Dexterity 9
  • Ability Modifiers: +1 Dexterity, -1 Strength and Constitution
  • Ability Min/Max: STR 3/16, DEX 8/18, CON 6/16, INT 3/18, WIS 3/17, CHA 3/18

Ponguila are a race of vibrantly colored Ape-like Eagles with high intelligences, and dexterous fingers on their wings and feet. Long ago their ancestors found their way into fantasy space and spread themselves far and wide, giving birth to both the Stellar Sirens and the elementally-allied Aarakocra. Weather born in space or on the surface of a world Ponguila have a deep seated fear of enclosed spaces, and will generally do whatever they can to escape when they feel enclosed. A Ponguila may enter a dungeon, but will panic and seek to flee during a cave-in. They fly at a rate of 36, but in space are subject to the same issues governing any air breathing race, and can only fly ship-to-ship if doing so in a breathable nebulae, or a space under the influence of a homunculus. Their talons and beak can do 1d4-1 points of damage on a successful attack

Ponguila Classes Available

  • Assasin 9
  • Witch* 7
  • Fighter 11
  • Elementalist** 7
  • Theif 11
  • Mystic*** 7
  • Monk*** 9

Ponguila Skill Adjustments

  • Hear Noise +5%
  • Hide in Shadows -5%
  • Climb Walls -5%

Andrulate (Satyrs, Fauns, Ipotains)

  • Requirements: Charisma 9
  • Ability Modifiers: +1 Dexterity and Charisma, -1 Intelligence and Wisdom
  • Ability Min/Max: STR 3/18, DEX 8/18, CON 3/18, INT 3/16, WIS 3/16, CHA 8/18

Andrulates are the children of the wild ungulate gods, who themselves descend from a single divine act of lovemaking in which the man headed goat legged Faunus and the Goat faced woman legged Fauna, after a few thousand years of ecstasy they birthed an infinite variety of human-ungulate beings with alien music in their heart, and lust on their minds. Andrulates have the upper torso and arms of humans, the lower torso and legs of ungulates, and the heads of either humans or ungulates. Despite what names they may go by locally, an Andrulates have a few traits in common, Firstly the child of an andrulate will take the form of its same-gendered parent (if an andrulate male and a human female have a son and daughter the son will be the same type of andrulate as his father and the daughter will be human), secondly all andrulates have alien music in their heart allowing them to create music with magical advantages, thirdly they have the keen senses of a plains dwelling herbavore and are only surprised on a roll of one, and fourthly they can speak to the specific ungulate on which they are based (horses for ipotanes, goats/sheep for Fauns, Donkeys for Satyrs, etc). The music of an Andrulate can cause Charm, Fear, or Sleep within 60 ft to anyone failing a savings throw for as long as they continue to produce music.

Andrulate Classes Available

  • Fighter 11
  • Theif 11
  • Vivimancer** 7
  • Monk*** 7

Andrulate Skill Adjustments

  • Climb Walls +10%
  • Hide in Shadows -5%
  • Move Silently -5%

Koth (Triceratops People)

  • Requirements: STR 9
  • Ability Modifiers: +1 Strength and Intelligence, -1 Dexterity, Charisma, and Wisdom
  • Ability Min/Max: STR 8/18, DEX 3/16, CON 3/18, INT 6/18, WIS 3/17, CHA 3/14

The Koth consider themselves the direct biological children of the first intelligent saurian Ka, their relationship to the god of the same name on Mystara, or the Horn Head Saurials of the Forgotten Realms is up for debate. The Koth resemble stocky humanoid Triceratops-like-beings, with short vestigial tails, dangerous horns, and stubby digits on each hand. Koth Females and Males differ primarily in coloration, with the females having patchy camouflage patterns, and the males sporting bright elaborate patterns to attract said females. The Koth divide their lives cleanly between the Family and Duty, gender only matters in the sphere of family, in the sphere of duty all Koth are considered equivalent. The Koth can do 1d4-1 damage in a standard goring attack, or can do 1d6 damage on an uninterrupted charge. The Koth are great warriors, mages, and sages, but rather poor priests. Koth Religious life is lead by Mystics and Witches who seek to channel the divine ancestors of all Koth. Female Koth can gain a +1 to Surprise when ambushing a target on their own, Male Koth gain a +1 to Damage when making attacks with their natural weapons.

Koth Classes Available

  • Fighter 10
  • Magic-User (and variants**) 12
  • Cleric 7
  • Witch* 9
  • Mystic*** 9
  • Monk*** 10

Koth Skill Adjustments

  • Move Silently -10%
  • Pick Pockets -5%
  • Hear Noise +15%


  • * The Witch: A Sourcebook for Basic Edition Fantasy Games
  • ** Theorems & Thaumaturgy, The Basic Illusionist
  • *** PX1 Basic Psionics Handbook

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